When the Going Gets Tough, The Entrepreneur Gets Tougher


Ocean air stung their faces. The sun was setting on the horizon, Baden new world in the miracle of fire. It seemed that every inch of ground in front was on fire at this point. She had heard stories about this place, about their leaders, the mission, and some began to grow tired of the search.

When they landed and went back to shore to see the imposition of a framework of wood sailing ships, which it just crosses the ocean to his instincts, back on the power head, on Board again, and try the security in the open sea more than mountains and tropical course, in the fires of the sun.

When they landed, built a camp, they were instructed on their mission. What you have been exposed to, had it not seen before. It was the Indians, the Aztecs were known and they were cruel. What the Spaniards brought, could not with this intensity and familiarity of the country.

Some men in the Legion had planned to sneak out at night head back to your ship and set sail for Spain. Their leader, the one who became known as one of the most brutal conquerors of all time, chose a different plan. He set the ships on fire at sea.

Men watched in horror as her only escape from this unknown place burned before their eyes. Now Cortez had all their attention. At this point they had no other choice but to move forward.

There was no way out. It was not to retreat.

It may seem exciting story to some, but it is, right? Just a story, a story that really does not apply to people here and now. This, of course, is not, have a direct impact on people’s work today.

Or is it?

Entrepreneurial Retreat

I want you something to think about for a moment. If it is one of the Spanish conquerors, warriors, if you like, on the beach, and if you thought your vicious circle leader was a very different place, it will never be the wiser for his escape, because she thought that he would soon find the wrong end of the blade, how would you feel this option is removed the slip and put it back on the ship?

She can do 10 other people in agreement with them this escape. 10 men were able to swim through the sea, if she had to.

It would be little consolation, isn’t it? It will be safe for me and I don’t know sails one time.

Well, you stand there with your plan in front of the unknown and in the vicinity of the certainty of death (error) or rear slides to worry about safety at sea (much more likely). There’s almost no choice, really. Of course, you could be captured they could be hanged, but they could land somewhere else to take on the world and forget.

If you suddenly saw that a safety net is another option to turn to ashes and flames before the eyes and slowly sinking off the coast, they suddenly realize that they did not leave me a choice.

Why am I telling you this?

Let’s think about the historical significance of kortes burning ships. He knew his men. He understood her fear. It was a new world, a new ‘savages’, which has never been seen before. They were beaten again and again, and these new reinforcements had been not arranging a lot of confidence in him.

He knew how long they had the retreat, how long you had to run, I would like to capture themselves in it. You would be aware of them. You would be in a fight, or at least the front edge of the rainforest, with the thinking that when things got bad (and most likely will) you could just return to the ships and leave.

No. Kortes will not. He needs to fight for his people, as either no other option but success. For them it was true.

How it feels when the entrepreneur escape tunnel? She begins to set up a business, a little timidly, perhaps, but everything went quite well. She keeps thinking about all the “what if” scenarios that play in your head that hunt late in the night while she’s trying those elusive lower ‘Zs.’

What if no one likes my ideas?

What if I can’t make any sales in the first year?

What if I don’t financial support?

What if I don’t know enough?

I could go on and on with what if situations, but if you have that entrepreneurial spirit, you probably already discovered for yourself.

Every what to do if escape is another door through which they.

There are two reasons why people conjure “what if” scenarios. The first is that you don’t want to fail. Think about everything that can go wrong, and justify it as helping to make its way back into the water, under the cover of night.

What if I don’t start this thing? Okay, then I’ll just stay with the job I have. Now.

What to do when in the market I think it’s for you does not exist? Okay, then I’ll probably explore the thing to keep just a little more.

What if it’s someone else on the same idea? I don’t want against someone know more about this than I do. Okay, then I’ll try to come up with something better.

Let’s see what happens when the escape route? It will be much easier to start to take this route. It will be much more tempting just to turn back and not even trying.

If you’ve had Spanish, snuck out the night instead of their ships burnt, Latin America will look a lot different than it is now. Perhaps it would be better, might be worse. We can’t rewrite history, but what we can tell, had no plan men lost in their escape, pushed they would find here, in the main not as hard as you could have begun after the first battle.

The Coming New World

Your life will change. Make no mistake about it. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, took the first step, your life will change. It can scratch, now entering the financial. You may feel like you are losing your power.

These things happen. They happen in each of us.

Do you think the world of PCs, smartphones and tablets will look like tonight, when Steve jobs decided to pack it in after the first few failures? Well, we’re still waiting for the first smartphone, tablet or mp3 player. I’m sure someone else would have developed, but not quite as Apple.

Steve jobs was a way to retreat, but he decided never to watch. Far too many of us do future and aspiring entrepreneurs, though, and it is a dangerous thing. At the moment when you begin to focus your attention (and energy) on these control mechanisms, to give yourself a reason for failure.

Stop doing it!

To Burn Their Ships. Take them out of the picture. Give yourself only one way to get from point A to point B, which is where you are right now and your ultimate goal.

Just think what thoughts could have, in the previous examples, if they had no other choice but to continue to hold the button.

What if I don’t start this thing? To sit down and read. Ask other entrepreneurs. To find a way to make your idea from the ground!

What to do when in the market I think it’s for you does not exist? Do Your Research. Test the market. Market if you need (believe me, that is on the market for personal computers, when Steve jobs started? No, it was not. He made it).

What if it’s someone else on the same idea? I don’t want against someone know more about this than I do. It’s a competition. Even if your idea is so unique, nobody has ever thought someone will try and they’ll take her bosom of the rock. Don’t let them stop.


As I said, things are sometimes too difficult for you as an entrepreneur. If that happens, though, the best entrepreneur in a ditch, Crouch, and work according to plan. You never, never go back where they came from.

You do? I can’t say. I just don’t know. I can say though, is that if you temper them and burn their ships, even if you have no choice but to be successful.

This can be the most terrible thing for some, but they will be forging steel in the life process and that, my friends, some of the toughest materials you can find anywhere in the world.


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