New Year, New You: Live Your Ideal 100 Year Lifestyle Now!


Another year has passed and the New year began with big hopes and aspirations for more than a successful and healthy New year to come. Shortly after the Times Square Ball balloons fell, all трещало hangover and relaxed, the new year, when with very Finesse often quickly forgotten, and habits from the past, and replaces the former procedure. In order to realize your goals and dreams for the coming year, you must first change your thinking. Thinking, changes changes everything! You more point of view, the increase in the cost of every day as a precious gift and a limited number.

How do you want your spend finally, the minimum potential for the remaining years? You want to find out, reach for the business as usual, or do you want an active life, your perfect 100-year-old way of life, your goals with more health and longevity? The fastest-growing segments of the population in the world today are those who live life up to 100 years, the centennial is celebrated. In the media often exceptional Highlights of the older parachute jumping, marathon running and weight lifting well into your 90s and beyond. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them ill-prepared for the unexpected longevity of what is in front of us. The greatest Generation home to the nursing home Generation was often their last years spend people’s homes in the care, and not on cruise ships or Golf courses.

If now you realize that you have the opportunity to live longer than the Generation of, what preceded them, make sure that you get life-time with quality and not just quantity. Rather than worry much over the lack of health insurance, focus on the promotion of an abundance of ‘health Check’ with a new Motivation for the style of life that is active. Develop a Plan for the promotion of the habits and changes to the support of life, the longevity and the performance, instead of the simultaneity and disease. The selection that you do today, tomorrow, the quality and quantity of life, will affect you, choose wisely and live well.

The necessary steps to a healthier and more prosperity in the coming year:

Fasting instead of feasting! Recent studies confirm that one of the secrets of the longevity of the limitation of calories or as the late Jack Лалейн said: “you need to control the limitations of the power supply!” If you Start always eat like a king, you will die like a king: obesity, heart attack, stroke, cancer, Diabetes, etc., to include periodic fasting twice in the week, just skip a meal and not for at least 12 hours. As soon as the dinner ended, do not try to 10 or 11 o’clock the next day, with the Training to achieve the best results

Once again you sensitize your language! Festive delicacies, cakes and pastries, Butter and Steaks, ice cream, cookies, candy, and all seem to ‘require’, taste buds. Your daily need for sweetness to your taste buds dulled to satisfy and expanded the waist a Symptom of Leptin resistance is treats. The hormone Leptin, produced by fat cells, signals the brain when full, gives your body to reduce the feeling of hunger, increase fat burning and reduce the accumulation of fat. Unfortunately, far too many sweet treats, you bring your body to a lasting effect of Leptin and never reaches saturation. Your so-called ‘Sweet Tooth’ your body is not able to respond to Leptin and Leptin resistance. In addition, all sugar and grains from your diet while adding a natural, nutrient-managed products, also improve their burned-out Insulin receptors (insulin resistance) and change the prediction of obesity and Diabetes to health and longevity.

Get your S. E. S. in the Form of: endurance, strength and structure! Exposed to the physical strain, begin with 20 minutes per day of interval Training on the treadmill, Life Cycle, elliptical, or just go for a walk to increase your cardio-vascular System. In his 20 minute workout for the endurance, the Explosion of their activity within 30 seconds, every 2 minutes, for the outstanding results of the fat combustion. For a quick reinforcement, the correct strength training muscle and fat, you quickly burn, it helps at any age. Regular physical exercise increases you feel may inhibit good endorphins and neurotransmitters, which further support your new healthy life with the certainty that the last.

The structure of the body determines the function of the body and how it works. Recent studies show that side effects from the neck technicians, have created permanent Position of the head to the front and Vice versa, the curve of the neck, the look on our Smartphones, Tablets, and computers. About 60 kg of Additional energy applied to unusual for our lower cervical vertebrae and intervertebral discs in this malfunction of the Installation, the stage is set for an osteochondrosis and a rapid aging. Posture and spinal corrective chiropractic care with the specific methods of Rehabilitation, effectively fixes the most common problems with the results that in the past, the reversal of the aging process and add years to your life and to your years.


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