Is Biometric Smartwear Clothing Ready to Replace Fitness Bands?


You know the fitness biometric smartwear? You may know these innovative health products like wearables. The premise is very simple. To monitor the computer and keep track of several important health and fitness variables are automatically perfectly, and write down the information. In the past you had to finish your workout, pull out the notebook and record your results. But still can’t tell when you were in the ideal zone for weight loss calorie burn, if your heart was working properly, if your sleep more efficient, or if your everyday life is easy recovered. That’s where the fitness biometric smartwear clothing comes into play.

Ralph Lauren is one of the renowned names in the fashion industry. And the US Open each year, one of the most respected and important tennis tournaments in the world. So these seemingly independent kings doing in their fields, with the wearable fitness-tracking devices? The answer comes from a company called OMsignal. You have Olympic athletes, to help you design a line of t-shirts embedded with a special silver filament. These t-shirts to communicate wirelessly with a small credit card sized, Bluetooth-enabled data storage and transfer device.

Each of the 4 different t-shirts published, the company has a small pocket, the house is intelligence tracker. Your heart rate, exercise, calorie consumption and other important physical activities and functions are controlled and recorded. If you are one of those clever t-shirts to the next, just remove and replace small data recorder. Wirelessly the ability to transfer this information gives you automatically on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. Implications for your future are virtually endless.

Some service providers in health care and medical institutions are already working with PCs and tablets, so you recorded wireless relay physical computer information. It can be downloaded with free and paid health and fitness apps for your smartphone or tablet. But there is health to be items of clothing that seem to be nothing more than a fashionable bracelet to keep track of important health indicators, 24/7. Many of them include Bluetooth wireless technology, so communication with the doctor or physician quickly and without error.

Agreement between Ralph Lauren and US Open in Grand slam debut OMsignal t-shirts at this tournament, the ball boys. Each time unsuccessfully fired a shot Serena Williams and Roger Federer were smart medical statistics, monitoring shirt worn having a ball I went to work. The breath and the stress, heart rate, activity and other biometric measurements immediately pursued and recorded, so for a quick “real time” monitoring. The debut of this innovative technology is advance for the 2015 Major market from Ralph Lauren deals clothes, which includes dresses shirts and sports wear with embedded intelligent technology OMsignal.

This is a positive step for many reasons. At the same time as bracelets, headbands and clip devices are currently offered in health-socks on the market, their ability is limited. If you play the game of hockey or lifting weights, your health tracking bracelet or wrist watch data not really know how to interpret. Clothes make much more contact with your body. This, in turn, offers a much more realistic indicator of the body of important indicators.

Athletes and nonathletes, active and sedentary users can equally benefit from this new fitness biometric smartwear. In the future you will be able to just go to your doctor and get instant wireless interpretation, how great they are. And with smart shoes integrates with Google Maps now available, the explosion of a truly portable health and fitness tracking clothes in the corner.

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