Future Trends in the Sales Profession


Models Sales

This change has been well-documented. In this Phase, we have a total of three models sales – internal sales, the seller and the representatives and managers. We are already seeing the demise of the middle – road warrior, or repeats the track in the country pushes their product. Customers don’t need or want to Rap, you can take the required information over the Internet or the internal process of the sale. Replacement of Road Warriors is sales increases transaction and more of a personal Account Management for individual solutions.

You will find customers will be able to contact with your company and do your research, and discovery, and want to buy. You do it automatically, or use automated intelligence – AI – algorithms for the communication with you shopping. Already many E-Mails from people, but from the AI algorithms. This AI is able to read E-Mails, and to understand and respond accordingly. And they are rising exponentially. People should not be used.

I Think Siri

Or cortana, if you are a Microsoft Fan. This embryonic digital assistant remind me of Star Trek, “Computer, give me all the data…” to fill this digital Voice activated personal assistant, the network begins. On the Basis of cloud Computing, “Big” the data are not easily accessed by you and I can be, so we increasingly rely on these digital helpers to do this for us. For the seller – the inside sales and Account Manager – that would mean in the CRM customer relationship Manager Software, finally, full age. You speak to a digital assistant something like “Maria, can you give me all the purchase of ABC for the last month and let me, please E-Mail to your purchasing Manager?”

This also affects the business for the Consumer market. The total of these companies now to your consumers-it is an exciting and increasingly Social-Media Streams, offer everything you wanted to know about Michael Chen from Borehamwood. Companies are beginning to use this information in the market of goods and services in the same manner as Tom Cruise in a particular opinion because the advertising space to its needs.

A Transformation within the sales

As I mentioned previously, the growth of internal sales, and it is also well documented. You just have to pay for the Expansion of the company’s turnover and set – everything is in the offer. I’m not talking about Contact Center inbound transactions, give us a call – I am a consultative sales representative with the accounts, the work on the inside. With the phone, of course, but over the Internet – Skype, Instant Messaging, Social Media, and Virtual or Augmented Reality that will revolutionize the entire inside of the sales.

Basic operations are based are not processed on raw materials within the distribution; automated intelligence алгос will do it. Customers may think that they interact with the people interact, but they do not And is not necessary. Within the sales people will be much better than just takers, order – to advise you with your customers and offer individual solutions for the needs of the customer. So beware, their products and services – when it is commoditised and do not determine the market.

Within the vendor, the complete sale process from beginning to end; you will manage the accounts, Cross-Selling and negotiations. The sale process is completed fully Online, and not face-to-face.

Intelligence, Not Data

Inbound Marketing organization, of distribution of content on the Internet. More and more often, even though the customers are not only looking for information, you are on the search for intelligence, and the corresponding conclusions of its business Affairs. You can retrieve information from the network itself, you are looking for vendors to be a bit more depth of content, it spits out a value and not just the existing content already.

Content Creation

This is the seller done in the future, but not only a marketer. The seller, in the future, I will write records about their customers ‘ problems, solutions, conclusions, and industries they serve. Nothing that your customers will be able to a useful for your company.

White Paper
Short and long articles on a tablet and on other portals.
Videos for YouTube and Vimeo
Augmented Reality – AR

We have heard, and I’ve already commented on the virtual reality – VR, however, the gain in real life is, in other words, the adding of the virtual screen in his usual view. I think that fighter pilots plane with the data in helmets or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, as he looks at the Person, and the data are, in his eyes, the weight of the Person, arms and threat.

In Google, there’s your Magic leap, and Facebook bought oculus and other companies are working on VR and AR systems. You are to be successful and the costs will come, so that we on the ship the device to customers, in order to take a dip in our Service and products. Climb into a new car and drive on down the highway, shaking the Hand of the Manager, the for 1000 miles.

VR and AR will be ubiquitous and have a wide variety of applications within the next decade for sellers:

Can meet with the customers instead of hundreds of kilometers, and not stilts Web Meetings for today, but Real, embedded in WR.
Customer interaction with products help.
Sales Meetings and training, revolutionize, as if you were really there.
The seller with a visual and Instant data from CRM and cloud repositories of the company. Also to add data to your view in every Situation. Your views of the production line to the customer and immediate delivery times for key components of your view.
Visually, the New Text is

The Internet is evolving and the tendency of the imagination of all graphics and Videos. We know what it is. Customers need a visual representation, such as infographics, but not a lot of Text. The young Generation of the request Video, and consume this on your mobile devices. The Trend is for the seller, particularly on the inside, and produce better visual and Videos to help their customers to see the value of his services.

Social Media Develop

Choose your channel carefully, this message is for the seller, because an excessive amount of can be used of time in the environment. On the next couple of years, in LinkedIn of full age, new innovations such as the integration of Video can have in his Portfolio. And I’m not talking about Videos in your profile, what was available for children.

Facebook launched Facebook for business, and attach a few large corporations. It is essentially a style puts Facebook, the social network in your company, so that everyone can see it pick up as they follow each other, after the Update, and those that could have in the company. Since Facebook is a instinctive for the use is not to be huge. The Internal sales consultant, to catch the, the engineers and the people in Marketing and able to operate effective inter-to the needs of its customers. Sales managers can inform and motivate, and can actually follow people, if you make a half decent Job

Sales Selection Of The Person

Profile seller is constantly evolving. Now we look at the product and the customer’s professionals, as well as the need for communication and sales experience. In the future they will search specifically for sellers, the “tech savvy”, especially in the role of sales, as you will be asked to master a variety of technologies in the context of their usual role.

Unmanned vehicles and drones

Until the end of the decade you can buy a cheap car without a driver. Each manufacturer’s engine, together with technology companies and develop their charioteer offer. Can you imagine that the cars go on the way of the horses? The people are mostly horseback riding for the fun of it and in our time, to spend, instead of getting from point A to point B. in the future people will have to use the car for entertainment and relaxation, not to go from point A to point B.

Just a dream for the professional sales:

No need for government vehicles, only to buy, move need a whole fleet of unmanned vehicles and drop them from the seller to the people, how and when you.
Their fleet of delivery drivers and customers can call on the samples, etc. must be supplied, without a driver.
Actually, drones do it better and more efficiently.
With electricity, it can meet to rejuvenate demand and the provision of face-to-face.
If your company has nothing to do with public transport, make sure your current models of placement in the driver is closed.
The Training can spend in the car more efficient and Briefings to be automated must be delivered to the inside.
Natelnyh Technologies

On my wrist now I have a Microsoft Band, each Signal of the body – heart rate, steps walked, sleep, and he uploads the collected data to the cloud is to monitor. It is also an E-Mail, Text, Facebook delivers messages and calls.

You put one of these devices on the wrist of your seller and you can:

You monitor your heart rate and stress levels, what is particularly important in the fast on the basis of the shipping trade, assistance, if necessary.
Chat with them in real time.


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