5 Important Reasons Why You Should Build a Mobile Friendly Website


Only in the middle East, about 528 million people have a mobile phone, and this number is expected to be% by the year 2015, on 39. Today, 94% of the owners in the mena Region use their Smartphones to surf the Internet. So, now is the time to have a responsive Design, a user-friendly Mobile Website. If you are still suspicious about this decision, as here, the Mobile Version of your Website and business helps:

User-friendly Website, Mobile Website more accessible.

Mobile users surf the Internet whenever you want and wherever you are. The main reason for surfing the Internet with their mobile phones, the necessity and the non-availability of a Desktop Computer. A Website that does not push the mobile-friendly can give the visitor and search to navigate to a different more convenient. For this reason, Web, adaptive Design, accessible develop at any time and from any device (Smartphones, Tablets).

Adaptive Design improves the user experience of the Website.

When the website switches available with mobile phone or Tablet, it from horizontal Format to vertical Format to a variety of display Text and images. Responsive Web Design (rwd) Website that is manipulated to correct the Display of the device fit to be used, rather than to support the same structure and compression of images and Text adapted. As a result of this automatic adaptation improves user experience and provides a user-friendly Navigation and simple way of exploring the site.

Responsive web design is a cost-effective.

Before the introduction of the rear-wheel drive, the owners of Web Sites to use to teach you to create multiple versions of the same Website to different sizes. This doubled and even tripled tasks, such as updating of content and Source Codes separately for each Version. Responsive web design can System for all screen sizes for a source code for your Website, and a unified content Management. In addition, an adaptive Website is a means of access to analysts. Tools Google Analytics conclusions in the report on the various devices, the Navigation on the Website.

User-friendly Mobile Website increases your sales revenue.

While Online buying is growing significantly, more and more buyers to their mobile phones for the purchase of goods Online. In 2013, 10% of Online purchases were via Mobile devices, and this proportion is expected to be achieved by the year 2015, 20%. Therefore, it would be the perfect strategy for E-Commerce to expand Sites on the mobile phone with a responsive Design. This Update, as already mentioned, is to improve the user experience, creating more opportunities for the completion of the Online sale.

Mobile optimized Website allows for Google Rankings.

In Mena, about 96% of users of Internet search on Google, if you are in search of something. For this reason, all the web pages, SEO work to appear in the first Google search results to get a good exposure. An important step in the optimization of a Website is the creation of responsive web design is because, generally, Google determines whether a site is mobile friendly and is wearing it in the display of search results by the Mobile device. This is especially the case, if the request is associated with the local services.

In conclusion, responsive Web Design improves the Performance of the mobile Website and user experience in many devices and screens. And, as you can see, and anticipate, the growing penetration of mobile Internet, to create your Mobile website and gain a competitive advantage.

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