3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Friendly Website


Sight of passengers into orbit, drinking coffee in a cafe, or employees, which deepened on your lunch break in your smartphones or tablets has become widespread in the last years and is a social trend that should force employers to take your mobile everywhere you are serious about content marketing.

However, the most important aspect for any company with ambitions of employment with the mobile audience is mobile-friendly website that fit all the contents of the screen corresponds to what is seen anything.

Not only those who suffer not been seen as ahead of due visitors, you will also find their Google ranking on mobile search queries. As the Internet goes mobile, to adapt without means will be left behind, and all mobile content marketing in the world won’t help if your site is in the middle ages.

It follows, then, why your business needs a mobile-Friendly website.

Mobile-friendly social

The days when a laptop or desktop to use the Internet, most online are not had time, with the tipping point for mobile devices, exceeding for surfing static machines come in early 2015.

Just install, more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to surf the Internet than with laptops and computers, and you expect your website to your working device.

Responsive web sites take their content, which will be considered the copy or images, slider, or even products to sell, and to automatically change the size to fit it on the screen, while the menu can be adapted to allow the user to easily navigate through the website.

In fact, the average user of mobile devices now takes it for granted, and not notice it, only if it takes place, at which point you, probably, even your best mobile content marketing efforts, unread and go to another place.

While the obvious advantage here is that users with the site easier and more enjoyable than the web version when viewing on a mobile device, there are certain search giant, which is also how your new site is more responsive than your age.

Google responsive responsive

April 21st, 2015, Google has launched a new mobile algorithm, awards responsive to their mobile sites search results.

Search products and services on Google with mobile device to receive weighted results, which sites for mobile devices have friendly with those who do not find, in search, no matter how well you know your mobile content marketing.

Google’s new algorithm is looking to see if there are any on the website the text is readable without zooming, if the content is changed, so that no horizontal scrolling necessary, and the links far enough from each other that is correct, can easily tapped; all criteria, a responsive website should not be afraid of performance.

If you want to be rewarded for your cell search-content-marketing efforts that you need at mobile Friendly website ranking in Google mobile.

Customize customize your market

If you need convincing of the need for mobile, responsive web site for your company, take a look at your competitors.

Most likely, you have shift, which means that they have a huge advantage over them when it comes to the constantly growing mobile Internet user audience.

As well as providing better user experience and more noticeable on mobile Google search, your competitor campaigns will also save time and money, behind the scenes, which can be used in mobile content marketing.

Before the advent of responsive design, the website owner the possibility of providing a mobile version of your site had to pay, even though it meant waiting and constantly update two separate versions of the same website. If you are still in the process of creating a responsive site eliminates the necessity so that you keep a version of your website that works perfectly on any device.

With a large number of people browsing and shopping on mobile devices like a PC or laptop, the awarding of the Google mobile devices to such an extent that those without the functionality are not in mobile search results and your competitors are likely already on the mobile site train you and your mobile tools of content marketing, not to join them?


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