10 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone


Smartphones are almost everywhere these days. For most of us there are, we not only for making calls and sending messages, but also as places where we store our contacts, music and photos.

We also use our Smartphones as little black books, all kinds of personal data, such as Login-data in the Online Banking or Social Media Sites. The measures for the protection of your smartphone is of crucial importance.

The Problem is that smartphone is small and very handy, and therefore easily lost or stolen.

Smartphone Theft

The Smartphone can be easily took from a table in a Café or taken out of the Hand of the user. The likelihood that your Smartphone is stolen is much higher than most people think.

After the thief has his hands on your pride and joy, he is able to store your personal or financial data from your phone, such as Bank data, press the Reset button to clear the data and then re-sell… for €500 ($600) in Europe or North America and more than 1000 US dollars in the far East.

At the same time, he will have a good Chance at cleaning your Bank account.

Until about a year ago, half of all thief Mobile devices are involved in the steels in the United States, while in London, 10,000 Smartphones each month were stolen.

As you can see, stolen mobile phones will generate a lot of income for the gangs that these thefts. You can also generate new business for the manufacturer per year, replacement phones in the U.S. up to 30 billion US-dollars alone.

Perhaps this explains why the manufacturers are reluctant to Kill switches, which allow all mobile phones must be switched off remotely if they are stolen or lost, until you are prompted to do so by law.

Kill Switch

In most kinds of techniques and Kill-switch single command or the button, Turn on a complex System almost immediately. On the Smartphone, is the strength of the team.

There are really two different types of Kill-kill switches for Smartphones – a hard-switch, the constantly brick the phone, and a soft Alternative that makes the phone unusable for all but the rightful owner.

All you need is Kill to enable access to a Computer, Tablet, Notebook or another Smartphone, switch from a distance.

Kill switches work. Apple has the Kill switch on devices in September 2013. In the next 12 months, the number of stolen iphones dropped by 40 percent in San Francisco and 25% in New York. In London, theft of Smartphones fell 50 percent.

So far, Apple, Samsung and Google have Kill switches on their Smartphones, and it is expected that Microsoft is the operating system with a Kill Switch to its Windows phones in 2015.

Protect Your Smartphone

Do not let the improvement of the statistics, you become complacent. The chances are that your Smartphone can be lost or stolen are very high. After all, 44 percent of thefts due to multiple owners, so that their cell phones in public areas.

Here are a few things you can do to protect you can include your Smartphone and all kinds of personal information are:

[1] the security of data … with the help of a simple 4-digit PIN-Code or password for the screen lock of the phone. If you have a screen lock that requires a Code for access to the phone, leave your contacts, SMS, E-Mail and social network accounts are open to all who receives your phone.

[2] a contact sheet… you can use your Smartphone’s Wallpaper (the face you see on the screen when you pick it up) contact me-sheet with your name and a telephone number, E-Mail address, and material rewards for their return.

[3] the backup of the data … on the Computer on a regular Basis. The simplest method for backing up your materials (photos, contact information, etc.), plug in your Smartphone to your Computer using the USB cable. Then you drag items from your device to the home screen.

Fortunately, more and more mobile phones organization-automatic Backup of your contacts, and data Online these days, like with Android devices that the Link to your Google account and Apple the connection to iTunes and iCloud.

[4] install the Tracking Software … with applications for tracking, which will allow you to find your phone if it is lost or stolen. Some you can even change the message to lock your device remotely and play a loud alarm even if on silent mode. You can get more phones from you local shop.

[5] use the Kill switch… through the purchase of phone with a Kill switch or activate the Kill switch, you already have.

Please note that some of the systems of the smartphone calls for the consumer to decide, Kill-switch, i.e. they are not protected, if the phones are working in default mode.

[6] be careful when you install applications… and make sure that they are safe. First of all, read the reviews of the users, to check on problems with a particular application. During the Assembly, the attention should be requesting on the type of access the App. If you believe that he is asking for access to more information than it needs to work properly, and don’t let to install.

[7] turn on-Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if not in use, to reduce the chances that the hackers have a connection to your Smartphone and steal your personal and financial information.

[8] do not save in the App… for sensitive applications or web pages on your mobile Browser, such as Banking or Social Media Sites. Make sure that you actually input into the App every time you want to use it.

If you save your user name and your password and your phone in the wrong hands, a stranger will be able to get into your Bank accounts or other sensitive accounts with stored information.

[9] you make your collection-sure to mobile phone… keep it in the bag and never leave it unattended. This simple little Trick is only a question of habit.

[10] proximity Alarm… to warn you, if you removed the Smartphone more than a few meters from you.

The notification comes on the approximation of two parts, a transmitter and a receiver. Attach the Transmitter with your Smartphone. If the Sender took more than 15 to 25 meters from the receiver, the alarm will beep.

Test before buying. Alarm on some of such signals are not very loud.


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